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DJControl Jogvision is the first mobile Hercules DJ controller to feature a display in the center of each jog wheel, simultaneously indicating both the playback speed and position in the track at a glance. These displays allow DJs to spend less time looking at a computer screen, for enhanced focus, faster responsiveness and better track syncing - paying more attention to the music and their audience instead. NEW FEATURES : CUE COLOR MATCH and AIR ROLL !

DJControl Jogvision

庫存單位: HER-DJCJ
HK$2,999.00 一般價格
  • DJControl Jogvision 的緩動盤上配有螢幕的最便攜 DJ 打碟機,支援 Serato 軟體,模擬 CD 轉盤的外觀及螢幕

    • 緩動盤顯示3 項關鍵資訊,可引導你搓碟混音 
    • 專為俱樂部或移動DJ定制的音訊設計 (內建高解析度 24位元 / 96KHz 音訊界面) 
    • 強大的緩動盤模擬 CD轉盤的感覺
    • 2組4個打擊墊 (帶紅綠藍三色背光及鼓點色匹配)
    • 空中控制 AIR CONTROL : 無需接觸都能控制 (有效距離為 30公分 / 12 英吋)

Hotline HK : +852 2790 3074

Hotline TW: +886 3 367 6713

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